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"Ms. President, there’s no way the American people are going to vote to change the American flag, created by our forefathers centuries ago, to a picture of Alphonse Elric"

-stares out the window of the Oval Office- “…Then I guess the people of America just don’t have.. …irreplaceable Fullmetal hearts”



*smokes pocky stick* yep i remember MY first yaoi 

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  • me: mom... dad... im g-
  • parents: gay?
  • me: going into battle and i need only your strongest potions
  • dutchster:

    "he’s making that face again isn’t he"

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    this is definitely how real girls talk. trust me, man. I’m an expert on women. I’ve clocked in over 72 hours of jerking off in animated hentai alone



    Do you ever just sit and stare at your bookshelf and take out your favorite books and feel the covers and slide them back on the shelf or is that just me

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    Everyone needs to read FMA. No one will regret it. Read FMA to your newborn for story time. Visit your grandma and read her FMA. Sit with your dog and show him FMA. Hold up an iPad to the sky to show all the birds in the sky FMA. Do the same thing to the ground only for worms. They will appreciate it. I promise.




    and this is why we cosplay

    those two dudes made each other’s days.

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    heteronormativity is so weird like yesterday I was at my aunts beach house and some of her in-laws brought over this small baby. and the baby puts it’s hand on it’s brow to keep the sun out of it’s eyes and his father says “look at that! Leon is looking for girls!” Leon is eight months old I don’t think he knows what a girl is yet