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FMA:B - Hawkeye’s Ishval

"It was a living hell. The air was choked with the stench of rotting corpses and gunpowder, and the sand was soaked with blood."

Every expression on Riza’s face is a testimony to the horrors of war and the burdens she carries. It’s not just the guilt of squeezing the trigger and killing someone; she’s also in a way responsible for flame alchemy. She pushes on regardless because she feels she is responsible for both her choices and the actions these led her to. With shouldering her rifle, she also accepted the responsibility of a sniper in the service of the military. She doesn’t run or hide from it, but faces the consequences dead on and never hesitates on the path she’s chosen. Riza Hawkeye is one of the strongest characters in a show full of strong characters, but it’s easy to overlook that fact because she considers herself a means to an end and supports the others rather than moving into the spotlight herself.

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10 Most Powerful Lines from the Fullmetal Alchemist Manga

↳ (4/10) Alphonse Elric: "How am I supposed to fight in that body!?"

My love for Alphonse grew immensely after this part. Can you imagine - he’s been searching for years and years for his body and finally, it’s right in front of him. But then he’s left with a choice; take his body and be useless in the battlefield or fight. You can see how frustrated and conflicted he is with that choice but he still chooses to reject his body and go fight. He wants to help everyone and protect them. He doesn’t want what happened to Hughes, Martel and Nina to happen again - he wants to help people, even if it means sacrificing the one thing he wants the most. Al is, by far, the most noble character in this manga. 






the greatest plan in history



My whole life I’ve been prepared to be shot down one day. I was still a child when I accepted the fact that a gunshot would kill me. I saw other kids around me being gunned down, and I knew I would be no exception. And every time I had a gun shoved in my face I was prepared to be shot. Every single time. Today is no different. I’m not scared. Shoot me. 




Anonymous asked:
What's that chronic illness called?

It’s an unidentifiable gastro intestinal illness, according to him. But he has to go to the hospital for an IV drip every couple of months due to it and excessive working with his condition.






He talks about it in his Biography, Jihaku:

This continued, and when I was ten years old, I suddenly collapsed. I had a violent pain in my stomach and intestines, and I couldn’t move.

After I was taken to the hospital, I was told that the cause was unknown. They told me that while that was the case, I probably had some sort of infectious disease.

So I was suddenly isolated. Isolated, in confinement, thrown into a hospital ward that was more a prison. I think that they put me in the pediatric ward because I was so young. Children who were heavily ill, had infectious diseases, or had terminal illnesses were in that ward. Being ten years old, that’s what I thought. All of them were in a cage, and were likely to go down the corridor at any time.

There’s also this blog excerpt:

When I was a child, my body was weak,
and I couldn’t help but be jealous of healthy people.
I couldn’t help but loathe the hospital.
When I accidentally found out during my long hospitalization
that I would only live to be 30,
then I fell into despair.

“Why just me?”

I lived thinking that.
I thought I was the most unlucky person in the world.
I was afraid of dying.

And he faints after every live:




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